Extreme Vanity

Even though I have been a professional makeup artist for 25+ years, I am bare-faced most days. My rational is a) I’m not the person being photographed/going on TV, and b) should the occasion arise that I need to get my glam on, I always have about 30lbs. of makeup within arm’s reach. 
Well, one afternoon while I was working I got an invite to a fabulous dinner party that evening. I had several models that day and was so busy that I had TOTALLY lost track time. It wasn’t until I was on the subway going home that I realized that I would only have enough time to drop my bags & change before I had to leave again. So, I opened my kit, pulled out a few things, and began to do my makeup. 
There was a young guy, about 18 or 19, sitting a few seats away, and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. “Girl!” he said in disbelief, “Is that ALL your makeup?!” Not wanting to miss this golden opportunity to have a little fun after a long day, I paused for a moment to gather my thoughts, then looked up and replied with a perfectly straight face, “Why yes! I’m very vain.” and then proceeded to continue getting ready…

#lifeofamakeupartist #truestory #humor #funny #nycsubway #vanity #makeup #sarcasm #fun 


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