14 Billion and Counting…

If there was ever a time that I missed an opportunity to hand someone my business card and ask for a job, this was it. 

I was working in the makeup room of one of the news channels and this businessman came in for makeup. There was nothing out of the ordinary about him — blue suit, very polite, needed a haircut — and we had a lovely conversation while I got him ready. His eyebrows we a bit unruly, so before I sent him off I got out my scissors and gave them a nice trim. “Oh, thank you!” he exclaimed. “My wife just hates when my eyebrows get too long, but its so hard for me to get to the barber some days. Wish I had someone like you around!” I said it was my pleasure to be of service to both his eyebrows and his marriage, and wished him a good show. 

Later, well after my guest was gone, I was called to set to touch up the host. As I was standing off stage waiting for my opportunity to go in, I spotted a magazine with my guest’s picture on the cover. The lighting was dim, so I picked it up to read the headline: “Meet So-and-So…He Made 14 Billion Last Year in Oil…and He’s Just Getting Started!”


#lifeofamakeupartist #ithappenedtome #billionares #humor #funny #inmychair #missedopportunities 


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