A Star is Born


Every once in a blue moon, a model comes along who is more than beautiful; she is iconic, and everyone in our industry sees instantly sees it.

I’ll never forget the moment. My friend Dov and I were in the location van, chatting with the editor, waiting for the model.

…Braziliandidn’t speak much Englishamazing bodyjust arrived in New York… first shoot…

Finally, the van door opened, and a young model walked in. As she was introducing herself to the editor, Dov whispered in my ear.

“We won’t get a second chance with this one, Alison, so let’s give it all we’ve got.” 

Kate Sullivan had just given me a beautiful black-red lipstick and red shadow duo (aptly named “Rio”) from Francois Nars’ new cosmetics line a few days before. We were shooting on the streets of Atlantic City, which was still quite run down at the time, and the clothing was what I would call “Thift Store Chic”. When it came time for me to do the makeup, I closed my eyes for a second, channeled Edward Hopper, and went for  it. And got it.

The story was entitled “She’s Leaving Home” — and shortly thereafter the model now known around the globe as Gisele arrived.

#ithappenedtome #gisele #firstshoot #supermodel


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